Since the DLM Forum announced the redevelopment of MoReq® and launched the 2010 work programme (that resulted in the publication of MoReq2010®) we have seen a great deal of activity and involvement in MoReq®:

This marks only the beginning. There are still lots of exciting challenges ahead and we’d like you to get involved.

Over the next few years the DLM Forum will be taking MoReq® forward in new and exciting directions.

We want to explore innovative new technologies and extend MoReq® into different industry sectors. We also want to link up to other records management standards and specifications.

Wherever your interests lie, be they in archives, or in public sector information governance, or the private sector, in industries such as health, oil and gas, pharmaceutical or banking, we want to hear from you.

Consider membership of the DLM Forum and come and join a working group looking at extending MoReq® for the needs of the modern information governance officer, security manager, compliance officer, risk manager, data protection officer, archivist or records manager.

You can get all the information you need by simply contacting the DLM Forum secretariat.